Online Institute Summary

The BAARD Institute Online Membership provides comprehensive On-Demand training in Biomimetic & Advanced Adhesive Restorative Design. The online institute membership provides access to all current online course content and any new courses added during membership period. This content will train students in the science & fundamentals of Biomimetics & Advanced Adhesion. The main goal of the institute is for students to receive the necessary training to implement Biomimetic & Advanced Adhesive techniques into their practice immediately. To accomplish that goal, not only is the content delivered in lecture format, but also copious in-depth demo videos to simulate a hands-on workshop experience virtually. Current topics include partial coverage ceramics such as Overlay & Onlay Design, Immediate Dentin Sealing, Biobase Construction & Fiber Reinforced Composites, Advanced Adhesive Ceramic Delivery, Biomechanic Fundamentals & Analysis, Treatment Planning & Diagnosis, Case Review, & Live Demos…… Future Courses: Rubber Isolation, Deep Margin Elevation, Caries Removal, Stress Reduced Direct Resins, and more…..

Institute Objectives