BAARD Advanced Adhesion Course: Immediate Dentin Sealing, Biobase, & Delivery

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The non-retentive posterior overlay & onlay requires a firm understanding and execution of advanced adhesion. The rest of the modules deal with the science and fundamentals of Advanced Adhesion, Immediate Dentin Sealing, & Advanced Adhesive Delivery. Students will not only be given lecture content, but step by step demos & protocols for IDS, Biobase with Ribbond, & delivery of overlay with Warm Composite.

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

Module 1: Immediate Dentin Sealing

IDS Fundamentals Part100:27:32
IDS Fundamentals Part 200:27:13
IDS Protocol00:28:39
IDS Extracted Tooth Demo00:10:55
IDS Live Case Demo00:7:55

Module 2: Biobase & Ribbond

Module 3: Adhesive Delivery of BAARD Partial Coverage Ceramics

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