BAARD Posterior Rubber Dam Isolation Course

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Rubber Dam Isolation is one of the most important aspects of Advanced Adhesive Dentistry. This course is intended for beginners and intermediates. In this course we review the rationale and fundamentals of Rubber Dam Isolation with a focus on the Posterior Quadrant. Essential armamentarium to immediately make your life easier when placing Rubber Dams is reviewed extensively. Through both lecture and demos the step by step set up and placement in the mouth is reviewed. Adjuncts such as floss ligatures and teflon are also explained and demonstrated.


  • Understand Rationale & Fundamentals of Rubber Dam Isolation
  • Understand the necessary equipment to use and preferred Sheets, Hole Punch, Forceps, Frames, & Clamps
  • Learn to get Dam set up for delivery to the mouth such as: deciding which teeth to clamp & isolate & how to mark them & which size holes to use
  • Learn initial placement techniques into the mouth such as the “parachute technique” and how to best floss the conacts
  • Learn how to finalize the dam with inversion, rocking the clamp, floss ligatures, accessory clamps, and teflon.


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BAARD Posterior Rubber Dam Isolation Course

Introduction – Rationale & Fundamentals00:19:55
Set Up00:30:29
Initial Placement00:37:27

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