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Graeme Milicich: 6 Fracture Modes of Teeth & The Compression Dome Concept

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The 6 various fracture modes require different treatment options based on minimally invasive biomechanical and biomimetic principles. An understanding of the biomechanical functioning of teeth based on the compression dome concept, and how traditional cavity preparation designs interfere with natural stress distribution leads to an understanding of the 6 distinct fracture modes. Different fractures require completely different restorative techniques to safely stabilize the tooth as incorrect diagnosis can lead to failure.


  • Learn about the compression dome concept and how teeth are designed to work in compression
  • Disruption of the occlusal enamel leads to 6 potential fracture mechanisms.
  • Learn about the different fracture mechanisms
  • Understand the correct restorative techniques for each fracture modality.
  • Compare the properties of composite resin versus luting resin as a cement for indirect restorations.
  • Incorrect technique can lead to a failed clinical outcomeand unnecessary endo due to ongoing pulpal symptoms caused by unidentified unstable or wrongly treated fractures

About the Speaker

Dr Milicich lives in Hamilton, New Zealand and has been in the same practice for 40 years. He lectures and trains internationally in the fields of minimal intervention, caries risk assessment and management, minimal intervention restorative techniques, on the physics, and clinical applications of hard-soft tissue lasers, CADCAM technology and tooth function biomechanics and how this relates to minimal intervention restorative techniques. These lectures have included many international presentations including FDI, AACD, USA University and State dental meetings. Dr Milicich is also a mentor to the Bio-Emulation International Think Tank. He is a Fellow, Diplomate and founding board member (2002-2010) of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry (WCMID). He is also a Fellow, Master and executive board member (2005-2008) of the World Clinical Laser Institute, and a founding Board member of the NZ Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry (2003-2012). He isthe recipient of both the WCMID Clinician of the Year Award, and the WCMID Clinical Research Award. Dr Milicich has conducted research on the physics of Er:Cr:YSGG laser hard tissue ablation and associated clinical applications, and has several peer-reviewed publications in the fields of Minimal Intervention Dentistry and SEM Microscopy. He has produced educational CDs covering minimal intervention and restorative techniques, caries risk assessment, diagnosis and management, posterior composites,clinical applications of the Er:Cr:YSGG laser, and Anterior Single Crown Esthetics using CADCAM. Cost: Courses are complimentary with BAARD membership. Refund policy: All courses are non refundable.


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6 Fracture Modes of Teeth & The Compression Dome Concept

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10 months ago
Great course
11 months ago
It all makes sense now! great quick overview of BRD.
11 months ago
Great course!
11 months ago
totally awesome
12 months ago
Exceptional explanation of biorim and compression dome concept!
1 year ago
Amazing. Mind fully blown.