The BAARD Onlay Course

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This course will train doctors in the Biomimetic, Biomechanic, & Ceramic Design Fundamentals behind the BAARD Onlay Preparation. The course will review the biomimetic and biomechanic rationale behind the onlay design. Students will be given diagnosis and real world treatment planning education & guidelines for minimally invasive ceramic restorations. Dr. Schiffenhaus will then review the ceramic design fundamentals (Ceramic Design Rules) that underlie the BAARD partial coverage ceramic design. Next, fundamentals & armamentarium for ceramic preparation will be discussed before the Onlay preparation protocols. Dr. Schiffenhaus goes over the the step by step approach to the BAARD onlay in lecture format followed by several narrated demo videos of the BAARD onlay & variations.

Topics for this course

18 Lessons7h 30m

Module 1: Biomimetic & Biomechanic Rationale

Intro to Course & Biomimetic Approach00:18:17
Tooth Structure & Biomaterials00:21:29
Intro to Biomechanic Design00:15:47

Module 2: Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

Module 3: Ceramic Design Rules

Module 4: BAARD Onlay Biomechanic & Design Fundamentals with Case Analysis

Module 5: BAARD Onlay Preparation Protocol

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