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Direct Composites are one of the most common and typically lowest reimbursed procedures for the average dentist. They can be thought of as quick and inexpensive solutions that are esthetic but do not last very long. Common approaches to direct composite restorations leave most patients with post-operative sensitivity, early staining, leakage, and/or fracture – that leave most dentists and insurance companies seeing direct composites as long term temporary restorations. Dentists often find direct composites utilized to restore deep carious lesions wind up need in root canal therapy in the short term. This is unfortunate as Direct Composites confer so many advantages. They are the most minimally invasive approach to restoring damaged teeth. The only approach that can be truly defect oriented with minimal loss of surrounding healthy tooth structure as there is no prepping away for path of draw or laboratory needs. Modern literature studies have shown that direct composites can show high success rates after decades surpassing even amalgam and matching indirect approaches. Yet, in the field many dentists experience much different and frustrating results as previously described. The BAARD approach to Direct Composites will show dentists how to make direct composites PERMANENT restorations that are free of post-operative sensitivity. Dr. Schiffenhaus will present the philosophy and science behind the stress reduced approach for composite placement. Dr. Schiffenhaus will also review and demonstrate modern deep caries removal approaches that drastically reduce post-operative sensitivity and post-operative root canal treatment. The course will review key scientific articles and cases. Dr. Schiffenhaus will take students through a deep dive into the fundamentals but will always summarize key points. The BAARD Approach is similar to Simon Sinek’s “Starting with the Why”, the courses always start with the “Why” – fundamental science – then the “How” – the protocols – and finally the “What” – the materials. After reviewing the fundamentals BAARD protocols are naturally easier to understand and execute.

There will be a broad range of topics covered – bonding, composite characteristics, shrinkage stress & C-factor, light curing strategies, layering approaches vs bulk fill, uses & advantages of fiber reinforced composites such as ribbond & EverX, air abrasion & composite repair……….

There will also be many techniques demo’d & practiced – Rubber Dam Fundamentals, Moderate & Deep Class I Lesions as well as Moderate, Deep, & Adjacent Proximal Lesions, Placement of Ribbond & EverX in various configurations, & Selective Caries Removal

Students will be leaving with an incredible armamentarium & materials: Rubber Dam Clamps, LM Arte Composites Instruments, Composites, and Bond


2022 Course Date



Fall 2022

(10 out of 10 Seats Left)

3D Infusion Dental Training
2174 E. Williams Field Rd, STE 200
Gilbert, AZ 85295


(Cancellation Accepted Up to 30 days prior to course date for full refund)
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Dr. Schiffenhaus received his Doctoral degree at Midwestern College of Dental Medicine, Arizona as well as an MA in Biomedical Sciences. He received his BS in Molecular Bioscience & Biotechnology and a MS in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Arizona State University. He returned to his alma mater in 2017 to teach dentistry as adjunct faculty for one year. Dr. Schiffenhaus practices with a Biomimetic philosophy utilizing advanced adhesion and CAD-CAM technology to restore teeth as minimally invasive as possible. Dr. Schiffenhaus has been mentored and trained in Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry by David Alleman, Simone Deliperi, & Graeme Milicich. Dr. Schiffenhaus is a Key Opinion Leader, speaker, and advisor for many top dental companies such as Kuraray Noritake, Meisinger USA, Bien Air, and more…….

Continuing Education: 16 CE Units provided by Kuraray Noritake.
Limited to 16 Seat Attendees

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