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FEE: $3999            DATES:  6/14/24 – 6/15/24, 10/4/24 – 10/5/24, 12/13/24 – 12/14/24 

CE Units: 24 CE Total – 16 CE In Person 8 CE Online

In the last 40 years, dentistry has benefited from many advances in adhesives, composites, and ceramics that have allowed the profession to segue from a mechanical restorative goal to a biologic one. These materials provide clinicians with the ability to restore teeth in a minimally invasive manner and close to their original biomechanical function. Unfortunately, these materials are not often used to their full potential and are employed with only slight variations to more invasive traditional preparation designs. Why choose to do Non-Retentive Partial Coverage Ceramics? These restorations conserve more tooth structure, work in harmony with the natural biomechanics of the tooth, help extend the restorative life cycle of the tooth, and maximize the fracture resistance of ceramic materials. In this course Dr. Schiffenhaus will review advanced adhesive techniques, material science, biomechanics, diagnosis, & preparation design related to Biomimetic & Advanced Adhesive Restorative Dentistry.

Much of the in depth didactic scientific training & literature review for these advanced topics has been moved to online lectures to allow more time for in person for group interaction, protocol & technique review/demos, hands on practice, & case discussion with the group. The didactic training will accomplish many things for the students: help them understand the advantages of the materials & techniques, provide evidence to for the concepts taught in the course, allow students to pace themselves through dense topics – as opposed to the firehose approach that often happens at live events. Students will have access to the recorded lectures upon registration & expires 1 year from purchase.

Course Objectives

Techniques learned in this course

Overlay & Onlay Design

Students will learn to diagnose & treatment plan for Onlays & Overlays as well as the advantages of non-retentive partial coverage ceramics in regards to fracture resistance, bondability, and pulp health following restorative treatment

Hands On Tooth Preparation Training

Students will learn preparation protocols including bur selection, speeds and step by step workflow. High speed electric handpieces and specialized bi-layered typodont teeth are used in the hands on portion of the course to simulate cutting into enamel & dentin

Immediate Dentin Sealing

Students will learn how to address the “fundamental problem in adhesive dentistry” & how to get durable & strong dentin bonds by utilizing Immediate Dentin Sealing & Resin Coating with Hands On Practice

Advanced Adhesive Delivery

Students will learn how to temporize non-retentive preparation designs as well as how to adhesively lute partial coverage ceramics with advanced procedures such as Warm Composite. Students will have demos & hands on practice with both techniques

Cracked Tooth Diagnosis & Treatment Strategies

Students will learn why teeth crack and how to treat them with adhesive partial coverage ceramics utilizing the Compression Dome Theory


Questions Answered in this Course:

-What is the BAARD Approach? What are the Pro’s & Con’s vs other types of Dentistry? What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

-What are important features of Biomechanics & Eningeering that can help us in our restorative design, material selection, and diagnosis of restorative failures?

-What are the properties of tooth structure, ceramics, composites, and adhesives that are important for long term clinical success?

-What are the advantages of non-retentive ceramics? Why are such ceramics more fracture resistant & better for bonding? Why is bonding so important for ceramic success? What is the impact on pulp survival following restorative treatment in regards to prep design?

-What is appropriate minimum thickness of modern ceramics? What are the best margin designs for partial coverage ceramics?

-Why do teeth fracture? What are the six different fracture modes of teeth? What is the compression dome concept? How to diagnose & treat cracked teeth?

-What are the factors involved in determining when to onlay a cusp? What are the advantages & disadvantages of Overlay vs Onlay Preparation Design?

-What are the specific Onlay preparation fundamentals for adhesive dentistry?

-What handpieces and burs are recommended to the BAARD Prep design and Workflow? What is the BAARD Prep Protocol – order of steps/phases, bur types & speeds, tips & tricks

-What is the importance of Advanced Adhesion? What is the fundamental problem in adhesive dentistry & how do we solve it? What is C-Factor & how does it impact our bonding strategies?

-Why do dentin bonds fail? How do we develop a durable & strong dentin bond? What is Immediate Dentin Sealing? What are the advantages of IDS & how does it work?

-What are the pro’s and cons of total etch & self etch for dentin bonding? What is resin coating and how does it work? What are the disadvantages of single bottle adhesives? Why use Gold Standard Adhesives & What are they?

-How to temporize non-retentive posterior restorations? How to adhesively lute non-retentive ceramics with resin cement or Warm Restorative Composite?

-What causes post-operative pain & sensitivity? How to we diagnose & eliminate this inflammation? What impacts pulp survival following restorative treatment & how do we best help pulps heal?

2024 Course Dates



June 14th-15th

October 4th-5th

December 13th-14th

Dr. Schiffenhaus DMD
1496 N Higley Rd. STE 104
Gilbert, AZ 85234


(Cancellation Accepted Up to 90 days before course date otherwise tuition is held and can be credited towards future course)


Dr. Schiffenhaus received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Arizona State University where he conducted undergraduate and graduate research on biomarkers for a cancer vaccine. Dr. Schiffenhaus completed a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences & Doctor of Medical Dentistry Degree at Midwestern University. Dr. Schiffenhaus owns a private practice in Gilbert, Arizona where he practices Adhesive Dentistry with a Biomimetic Philosophy. Dr. Schiffenhaus is the creator of the Biomimetic Advanced Adhesive Restorative Dentistry (BAARD) institute in 2020. He is a key opinion leader and speaker for many companies including Kurrary Noritake, Bien Air, Meisinger, Ivoclar, GC, Garrison, Hu-Friedy, & others….. Dr. Schiffenhaus is married to Sara Schiffenhaus with 2 children, James & Margot, and lives in Gilbert, AZ.

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement 10/01/2021 – 09/30/2023 AGD provider ID #402344