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FEE: $6999 (Payment Plans Available)           DATES:  6/26/24 – 6/28/24

CE Units: 44 CE Total – 24 CE In Person 20 CE Online

3 Days – Practice on Typodonts – Observe Dr. Schiffenhaus’s Live Patient Workflow – Treat 1 Patient Per Student

In the last 40 years, dentistry has benefited from many advances in adhesives, composites, and ceramics that have allowed the profession to segue from a mechanical restorative goal to a biologic one. These materials provide clinicians with the ability to restore teeth in a minimally invasive manner and close to their original biomechanical function. Unfortunately, these materials are not often used to their full potential and are employed with only slight variations to more invasive traditional preparation designs. Why choose to do Non-Retentive Partial Coverage Ceramics? These restorations conserve more tooth structure, work in harmony with the natural biomechanics of the tooth, help extend the restorative life cycle of the tooth, and maximize the fracture resistance of ceramic materials. The purpose of this course is to teach preparation, bonding, & deliery of BAARD Overlays & Onlays on Live patients.

This is a 3 day course. Day 1 will be a hands on typodont driven crash course for new students & a review for students that have taken previous BAARD Overlay Courses – the purpose of Day 1 is to get everyone on the same page and calibrated to do the procedures on live patients. The morning will be an orientation followed by demos and practice prepping overlays & onlays on typodont teeth. In the afternoon students to will practice bonding procdures as well as processing & delivery of ceramics with warm restorative composite.

Day 2 will begin with a live patient demo from Dr. Steve Schiffenhaus showing students everything they will be doing with their live patients subsequently: diagnosis, treatment plan, rubber dam placement, preparation, bonding, scanning, processing of ceramic, & delivery of final. In the afternoon session, students will pair off – the first student in the pair will be the operator and prep, bond, and deliver the ceramic in the afternoon session.

Day 3 the students will switch and the second student will be the operator and prep, bond, and deliverthe ceramic by the end of the morning session. The afternoon session students will review case photos & end with a Q/A. Day 3 will end with a graduation from the course.

Completion of the Online or In Person BAARD Overlay, Onlay, & Advanced Adhesion Course is not a requirement but is recommended. The online pre-work lectures as well as the first day hands on should be enough to prepare new students for their live patient encounters – for prior students it should act as an adequate review and recalibration before their patient encounters. For students that have completed either the ONLINE or In Person BAARD Overlay, Onlay, & Advanced Adhesion Course the online pre-work will be a review and may be same lectures that have taken before depending on how long ago they took the course.


Once Register for the BAARD Live Patient Course sales are FINAL. There is no refund policy. It is undertandable that things that can come up in life that can prevent you from coming. If you cannot be present at your registered course date we will apply your tuition for a futrue course date. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to assist you. The state of Arizona requires each doctor to have a valid temporary AZ license. The process to get an AZ temporary license can sometimes be time consuming as one must contact each state’s dental board that they ever held a license in, and get the verification sent to the AZ dental board along with completing paperwork that needs to be notarized. This means that if you drop out of the course, we cannot simply fill your spot due to the prep work that goes into attending our course.


Upon registration we will provide some guidance on how to acquire a temporary license. If you do not complete your temporary license paperwork in time, or issues arise that prevent you from having your temporary license by the time of the live surgery course, you will be rescheduled to a different course. Austin Schmitt will contact you and coordinate which upcoming course you can attend. There are no penalties or fees for having to move back to a later course.

We will not reimburse your flights or hotel expenses if you cannot come to the live surgery course because your temporary license was not completed in time.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to make getting your temporary license paperwork completed. This is a HIGH PRIORITY as we do not want it to affect your scheduled course dates. Please understand that we are at the will of the AZ Dental Board. They have requested a minimum of one month to process the paperwork. The verification process can sometimes take weeks for other dental boards to send the verification to the AZ board, so it is important to get this done immediately. We appreciate your understanding.

Payment Plans Available

Please contact us at [email protected] or 480-830-5003 for further questions about registration or payment plans

Course Objectives

Techniques learned in this course

Overlay & Onlay Design

Students will learn to diagnose & treatment plan for Onlays & Overlays as well as the advantages of non-retentive partial coverage ceramics in regards to fracture resistance, bondability, and pulp health following restorative treatment

Hands On & Live Patient Tooth Preparation Training

Students will learn preparation protocols including bur selection, speeds and step by step workflow. High speed electric handpieces and specialized bi-layered typodont teeth are used in the hands on portion of the course to simulate cutting into enamel & dentin

Immediate Dentin Sealing

Students will learn how to address the “fundamental problem in adhesive dentistry” & how to get durable & strong dentin bonds by utilizing Immediate Dentin Sealing & Resin Coating with Hands On Practice

Advanced Adhesive Delivery

Students will learn how to temporize non-retentive preparation designs as well as how to adhesively lute partial coverage ceramics with advanced procedures such as Warm Composite. Students will have demos & hands on practice with both techniques

2024 Course Date



June 26th-28th

Limited Seats Available

The Pathway
1030 N Colorado St Gilbert, AZ 85233





Dr. Schiffenhaus received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Molecular & Cellular Biology from Arizona State University where he conducted undergraduate and graduate research on biomarkers for a cancer vaccine. Dr. Schiffenhaus completed a Master’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences & Doctor of Medical Dentistry Degree at Midwestern University. Dr. Schiffenhaus owns a private practice in Gilbert, Arizona where he practices Adhesive Dentistry with a Biomimetic Philosophy. Dr. Schiffenhaus is the creator of the Biomimetic Advanced Adhesive Restorative Dentistry (BAARD) institute in 2020. He is a key opinion leader and speaker for many companies including Kurrary Noritake, Bien Air, Meisinger, GC, & others….. Dr. Schiffenhaus is married to Sara Schiffenhaus with 2 children, James & Margot, and lives in Gilbert, AZ.

Approved PACE Program Provider FAGD/MAGD Credit Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement 10/01/2021 – 09/30/2023 AGD provider ID #402344